I choose my destiny. Currently writes for m3lvin on topics around internet marketing. Specifically web content writing techniques.

Traveled to many places and thankfully, my job does not require me to lame about in a 9 to 6 job. Since young, i was like many teens only caring about themselves and the material world.

Only when i step out into the many different parts of the world, i realized how small i am. It’s not the city i enjoyed but the simple life.

Everyone’s into technology but i guess we have to. Without, we are just clueless on how fast information is passed through.

The real world is about the dollars. We don’t need too much if we’re into simple things but we need just enough to do what we believe in.

People are just being humans. In the past, human is synonymous with care, kindness and love. Now, it’s associated just the opposite.

Are we too arrogant or too comfortable with what we think we deserved.

Are we ignoring mother’s nature call for preservation and ecological cycle.

Pitter-patter cold,
HT RT DM Chirp
Nothing matters now

Perhaps is only us the average ones that’s feeling something’s wrong.

Or maybe is only me.